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Gramsie enters the twin beds blue bedroom every morning… “Time to rise and shine and give God the Glory, give God the glory…”

Each holiday the kitchen counter lined with homemade food. Well every meal for that matter. Paw paw taught me how to make “the perfect omelet” … Gramsie would let Lauren and I “pop” open the biscuits and put in the little baker next to the table. A sunroom filled with more furniture than needed, a cat with multiple hilarious names. Sam the dog. Growing up going shopping with a grandma who could outlast anyone at a mall. 6am bright and early, we conquered South Park Mall… But never Victoria secrets it was far too much for our Christian upbringing…and usually with and extra 50 pawpaw would slide to Lauren and I, which funny enough I remember wanting a blue day planner from bell when I was ten but gramsie said I didn’t need a day planner, cause I was only ten… I didn’t like that very much, I had things to plan! Lauren and her headed to the cafeteria at belk (think what you want but it was amazing, mmmm with the piano man outside) I ran and bought that day planner with multi colored zipper. Still have it, still never used it… Not cause I don’t have anything to plan… But because it’s a smile……after mall days..we always followed by multiple fashion shows both my Gramsie and PawPaw would sit through… Dont get caught sneaking into pawpaws “secret office” , or gettin the black cherry soda, and definitely don’t come downstairs on Christmas morning before your told. Upstairs, where Gramise and PawPaws shower connected to moms old room with the light pink comforter four post bed that used to have a canopy, with long closets full of amazing clothes… Gramsie had a jewelry box I could get lost in for hours! She had the closet every girl dreams of playing dress up in…. Sit to close to the tv, don’t work, Gramsie will tell you to back up, as we sat in our “Eskimo” blankets pawpaw brought us from Alaska. He’d always giggle with us when gramsie would doze off in her chair with the paper. Myers park country club Sunday brunch and pool days. When highway 77 was a two lane road and we’d go to the lake. We’d “find” our bait in the yard.. Aka pawpaw went to the bait store and buried the worms before we dug them up! baskin Robin Ice cream nights. Trip to “army navy” aka old navy. Leaving the little mermaid early… And Encino man. Every Christmas watching the 24 Horus of “a Christmas story” on a tv with dials. Getting dropped off at cheerleading camp, trust me Lauren and I always faught for the spirit stick! Tomato sandwiches, “the children’s table” a red table they had had since my mom, uncle ed, and uncle Scott were little. She kept it in the closet next to pawpaws recliner where the games were. I love the monkeys. Standing I front of Gramsie and Paw Paw because I couldn’t quite get Psalm 100 memorized, but they made sure I knew it and all the others I would need to know for church. ….But shortly after that he told me I had to learn Edgar Allen Poe, a Ridiculously long poem my grandfather could rattle off in his sleep, although I have yet to complete memorizing it… when it was time to come in from playing,Or as she used to do to my mom when she was younger on dates (with funny enough, step dad bill)… You knew it was time to come in when the front porch lights flickered… Don’t make her open the door!!!! The white couch in the “parlor room” … But you can’t sit on it! 😜 beach trips to long beach, the “pink house”… Ha mom gettin accepted to law school as hurricane Felix began to hit nc, pawpaw had to come get Lauren and I out of the ocean because of the undertow. Three children, 8 grandchildren, and one great grandchild, all with a lifetime of memories from two of the most amazing people, with the life story of an epic romance, who are now together… we miss you both every day. Gramsie always had pies made. And darnit I’m going to make pies!!!! So here they are!!! 👼🙏💜👍,PhillipRoss_3.16.2000.pdf

And don’t forget “buckle up for safety…”

'Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`’Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.’ -Edgar Allen Poe

homemade chicken curry

Two chicken breasts clean and cut into 1 inch cubes

1.5- 2 tbspn of red curry powder depending on how spicey you like it

4-6 cloves of garlic minced

For the vegetables I did about a  ½ cup of each

Carrot, onion, mushroom, green bean and zuccinni (will add waterchestnuts next time)

2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil



½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon ginger (optional)

¼ cup boilng water

1 cube chicken bouillion

½ cup heavy cream

1 tbsn corn startch

3 red potatos cut ino ½  in cube

Tin foil


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chicken el la expiramente’ le ton of veggies

so i found this recipe on pinterest, the pretty picture sucked me in. but after starting the recipe i started reading the reviews…. yes,  i realize that i should have done that before hand but, whatever, thankfully my many years of a “highly trained hospitality industry employee” aka slanging dranks and burgers for my 20’s… i was able to twerk (no not the miley cyrus way this time) the recipe to come out fantastic and avoiding alot of the review negative areas. the original recipe can be found

so after prep and twerking, heres my recipe, although my measurements are here i always add and remove as needed; dont be an idiot, you know what you like, so know what to omit or add….here ya go kiddos..oh and i made    this for two, but def for invite a friend. make one if you dont have one, this recipe, dont mind tooting my own horn, but toot, was pretty good…

6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

2 lemons; one thinly sliced, one juiced.

4-8 (depending on taste preference) cloves of garlic, minced.

1teaspoon of kosher salt

3/4 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper

1/2 a lbs of fresh green beans (trim off the ends folks, and soak for 15 mins)

7 round small red potatoes; cut each potato into 1/2 inch thick slices

4 chicken breasts; i cut the breasts in halves, more tenderloin like

1/2 cup (or as i do, 1 handful) of baby carrots, cut long ways in half

3/4 cup (or half of) a white onion cut long ways

1/2 cup of  white sliced mushrooms (not a fan of mushrooms but they are great against cancer, add a nice flavor. ok so i guess i     do like mushrooms, just not the squishiness of them. so cut how desired. i like thinly.)

1/2 cup feta cheese

1/4 cup of italian dressing

ok got your veggies cut?

lemon, garlic cut too? lemon squeezed?

preheat your oven to 425. in a small bowl, take your boneless,  skinless 1/2 cup of italian dressing; toss and marinate for 15 minutes. in a baking dish add 2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil and heavily coat the dish. arrange the THINLY sliced lemons (def make sure they are thin, as the reviews said that some people thought the dish was TOO lemony. so I would recommend one slice per chicken and one for good measure……… but not too thick. 

in  a separate large bowl; combine 4 tablespoons of virgin olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper and toss green beans in the mixture. Repeat the same for all the veggies and the potatoes. place green beans directly on the   lemons then remainder of veggies mixed on bottom of dish/ make sure, veggies, especially have soaked for 10 minutes. once all veggies and ingredients are tossed in olive, salt, pepper and garlic add marinated chicken on top of veggies, then pour remainder of olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper of entire dish. add feta on top. Cover in tin foil. bake at 325 for 30-35 minutes, depending on thickness of chicken. 

added two types of couscous for this. the regular fine grain whole wheat and rosemary and whole wheat pearl sized couscous. love the normal small grain couscous, the pearl was nice but consistancy is funky but is fine with the thin couscous.

enjoy! next dessert. rum infused brown sugar camelized bananas, pistachio gelato and a krispy kreame doughnut milkshake.

1/2 cup of malibu coconut rum

2 sliced bananas

any flavor ice cream or gelato.

marinate the bananas, longer the better. stir occasionally. i let them sit in the fridge in the rum covered, over night. they get soft, but so good.

skillet on high. add brown sugar to a hot skillet. let sugar get warm. add cinnamon and mix…. then add bananas… lower head to medium. slowly flip your bananas till they are hot and gooooey and yummy. add on top of gelato.


krispy kreme doughnut milkshake please see previous post. ENJOY! lemme know if anyone is reading this, or trying these. 

There’s something up with me lately, loving green veggies and figuring out makeup as you go chicken recipes!!! so here we go again. Brussels sprouts in water soak for at least an hour. Chicken marinated in Alot of garlic (I like it lol) , a bit balsamic vinegar , and tossed in sweet BBQ… I know sounds weird, who knows… Marinate for an hour. Asparagus , snow peas (remember to remove the strings) , Edemome, onions, and white mushrooms in olive oil and a bit of red wine, salt and pepper. But on baking sheet…. Top with chicken, then add parm cheese…. And cover, bake… Lets see….. Popped it out added some cheese and BBQ sauce. The red pepper and garlic had a great taste. Although I will leave outhe balsamic vinegar on the chicken, every time I think the balsamic just dries the chicken out too much. Other than that it was nice. Oh and not really a mushroom fan, but white mushrooms are healthy and add a nice flavor… S I guess I’m actually a fan now. Hmmm.

Marinated boneless skinless chicken breast tenderloins in Italian dressing for about two hours. Add sautéed artichoke hearts and sautéed spinach on top of the marinated chicken then top with Parmesan cheese, capers and green onion cover and bake. Then veggies. Soaked Brussels sprouts , asparagus, white onion, white mushroom, and garlic with olive oil and balsamic vinegar cover and bake. Lets see….

This is one of those recipes I’m kind of kicking myself for the fillet itself is really nice and really tender and I just have to remember I can’t get creative on such nice cuts of meat. Marinated for about 15 minutes salt Pepper Worchester sauce and freshly cut garlic I think it was the color that may have taken some of the flavor out of the meat.. Well taken away from the filet taste. And I normally sautéed my onion but this time I decided to come in and Swason with this steak and garlic and Worcestershire sauce and then bake it covered with the actual meat thinking that the meat would get some of the onion flavor… I think allays just better left salt and pepper add some sauces after you cook it if you need too… I think I may have over seasoned in this one and not really a nice kind of me but not my best work.. But ehh semi Bon appetite!

Wish me luck completely winging this. Chicken marinated in a lime chili Tappatio’s with salt-and-pepper first layer chicken laid down a layer first asparagus fresh goat cheese, and lots of chopped garlic… little olive oil Adding chopped zucchini and mushrooms
I don’t like mushrooms they do give the chicken and nice flavor … Two more tenderloins of chicken on top on the side of the chicken each side has two halves of brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and a little honey Dijon mustard with chopped onions and fresh garlic… Baking covered at 350

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